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Great hires made easy

We use Lean to make your hiring a breeze


We are deeply committed to excellence and quality. One in four hires is a rock star.  All our candidates possess the passion, intelligence and mindset to work in your organization.

Candidate delight

We give a delightful candidate experience all through and work hard to earn their trust. This leads to great outcomes for both employers and candidates.

No mis-hires

We match the right candidate with the right employer and make the hiring experience stress-free. All this reduces hiring errors and the chances of a mis-hire to near zero making it a win-win. 

Less effort

We make hiring a breeze. The candidates we present are thoroughly vetted through in-depth Q&A, extensive conversation and are aligned with your mission.

Faster time to hire

We match the right candidate with the right employer making interviews productive. The high quality of the candidates also ensures that the hiring managers get the position filled faster.

Lower hiring cost

With our focus on quality, we reduce the invisible hiring costs such as the opportunity cost of the time spent interviewing and mis-hire costs, lowering the overall hiring cost.

Lean for hiring at Novoguild

Lean was pioneered by Toyota and is also known as the Toyota Production System. Lean has helped Toyota achieve unbelievable levels of quality and dependability. The adoption of Lean principles has led to  Lean Manufacturing, Lean Software Development, and even startup development via Lean Startups. Hiring is a hard problem and we are possibly the first organization in the world to apply Lean for hiring.  Learn more about some ways we use Lean.

Quality first

Quality focus is one of the foundations of Lean. We emphasize on having quality interactions with candidates, clients and baking high quality in everything we do.

High standards

High quality requires high standards. So we have checklists for almost everything we do.  These standards help us get closer to doing the highest quality work at every step. Every day.


Kaizen in Japanese means continuous improvements. We are continuously improving quality by continuously raising the standards we set. Every day, we try to improve something

Learn from surprises

Hiring is intimately connected with humans and human nature. So, we get a lot of surprises. We learn from each surprise and modify our systems to deal with future surprises better.


Experimentation is deeply embedded in our culture. We are constantly experimenting and apply the scientific method to know the facts or the truth and to improve things.

Eliminate waste

Hiring has a lot of waste e.g. Time wasted interviewing an uninterested candidate. Stress is also a waste. So we try to eliminate waste  - whether it is wasted time or the stress in hiring.

Whom we work with


Hiring is an extremely high-impact activity at a startup.  Startups reach out to us to make highly-skilled critical hires emotionally aligned with the startup's mission.


Many high-impact enterprises want to find extraordinary talent. However, such talent tends to usually join Big Tech. We help such high-impact enterprises find extraordinary talent.

Venture Capitalists

We partner with Venture Capitalists to de-risk their portfolio. With our help in hiring, founders and startup management can focus on building the product and go to market.

Where we work

Golden Gate Bridge


Our journey started in Silicon Valley in 2021 and we have worked with multiple Silicon Valley startups hire their global teams.

Image by Sean Robertson


We have been working in  India since 2021 and have helped Silicon Valley and Indian startups build their teams.

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